The innovative, self-inflating, flooding protection system is set to revolutionize the way you control damage due to flooding or snow melt.
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Our Ready to use Sandless Sandbags are clean, compact and lightweight so they can be stored anywhere prone to flash flooding or accidental water damage or snow melt

·       1 case of 60 self-inflating bags replaces 2700 lbs of sand

·       Weighing less than 1 lb dry each, anyone can use them to prepare for flooding. Works just like a traditional sandbag weighing up to 45lbs when activated!

·       No sand means they can be used indoors and outdoors without the mess. It Can be used to very quickly build a wall to redirect water.

·       Easy on the Environment

All Sandless Sandbags products are biodegradable. The transportation and storage of Sandless Sandbags reduce the use of carbon-producing fossil fuels compared to    
extreme requirements of traditional sandbags.

            Features and benefits:

              Easy to use:     Using our Sandless sandbags you can manage all flood and water damage events with these simple steps:

·       Bring the bags/ case to the location

·       Take out of the package.

·       Soak the bags with water or use the flood-water to activate the bag.  Stack overlapping if required.

·       No tools needed.

·       The bags will work in doorways of all sizes.

·       You can build a wall or barrier to divert water flow.

Easy storage:   You can store the bags anywhere, like your stock rook, warehouse, garage, office, vehicle, kitchen, bathroom or storage room.

Super absorbent: This is the best option for flash flooding and unplanned water damage.  Build a wall with Sandless sandbags in minutes. 5 of our bags will absorb over 100 liters of water.

Lightweight:  We recommend everyone including the elderly, disabled people that are not able to manage sandbags, to have our Sandless sandbags to protect buildings, homes, businesses from flood.

Deployment:    In case of flooding just take the Sandless sandbags out of the package soak the bags with water from the sink, hosepipe or use the flood-water to activate the bag.  Stack overlapping if required.  The bags will expand and create a barrier in 3 – 5 minutes.

Protection:       our bags enable businesses to keep working and manage flood events.  Our bags are the solution for hospitals, schools, universities, shopping centers, nursing homes, child care centers, public and private building, home owners, condo associations, municipalities, etc. 

Our bags are environmental friendly.


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